Landform Design

High Density Tailings Solid/Liquid Separation
September 22, 2016
Heap Leach Engineering
September 22, 2016
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Water, Waste and Land, Consulting Engineers and Scientists (WWL), is a services company specialized in providing solutions for the control of long term erosion of waste landforms.

The latest technology is applied with a strong focus on innovation and research. Modifications to existing landforms are developed in AutoCAD 3D and modelled so as to compare erosional performance with the base landform.

Erosion assessment tools applied by WWL are:

  • Carlson Natural Regrade

Landform Design

The above tools are applied to:

  • The design of landform geometry to minimize long term erosion
  • The assessment of erosion performance of slopes and slope covers
  • The estimation of the long term stability of mine waste and other landforms
  • The minimization of closure costs while meeting regulatory requirements on long term safety and stability of TSF & WRD landforms