High Density Tailings Solid/Liquid Separation

High Density Tailings Slurry Engineering
September 22, 2016
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September 22, 2016
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Water, Waste and Land, Consulting Engineers and Scientists (WWL), is a services company specialized in providing solutions in solid / liquid separation and applying the latest technology.

With a strong focus on innovation and research, so as to optimise engineering in terms economics and the environment, WWL work with vendors and other specialists to provide services in regard to:

  • Thickener sizing
  • Filtration assessment
  • Vibratory dewatering screen specification
  • Cyclones with and without vacuum tubes

Solid/Liquefaction Engineering



  • Vibratory dewatering screens + small thickener
  • Cyclones + vibratory dewatering screens + small thickener
  • Cyclones + filters + small thickener